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There needs to be ‘One voice for badgers’ and this is what the Badger Protection League is providing. Any organisation against the cull can be represented on this site. You don’t have to be a wildlife society. Let’s show the government how many of us will be fighting against the action of killing badgers in our countryside.


"It is in the interest of both farming and conservationists to eradicate Bovine TB in the British Isles. The way forward is undoubtedly vaccination for both cattle and wildlife. Culling is not an answer."

 Simon King

"It is a desperately sad indictment of our two-faced attitude to our wildlife that badgers will soon be shot in the UK . This insane exercise will drive a hugely counter-productive divide between our beleaguered farmers and the public. Science shows culling doesn't work . Killing is not a solution but vaccination may be so please help me campaign against a senseless slaughter and if you can afford a donation to further our vaccination programme - thank you."

Chris Packham

"It is sickening to think that over two thousand badgers will be shot in the next few weeks in Somerset and Gloucestershire as an experiment. This is simply to see if this is a humane, safe and effective way of dispatching them, a kind of lethal research process in which animal welfare amounts to nothing: the earlier title 'Randomised Badger Culling Trial' says it all. Vaccinating remains the only way to protect badgers and cattle from Bovine TB."

Joanna Lumley

stop-the-slaughter We are encouraging farmers to vaccinate their badgers rather than to kill them. There are many, many farmers who have no wish to have their badgers killed. The views of the NFU and other farming organisations do NOT reflect the majority of farmers. We will endeavour to help any farmer wishing to have their badgers vaccinated. Please help us to do this by donating towards the vaccine.